Adobe support has confirmed that installing Adobe Reader and Acrobat 8.2 updaters can break InDesign and Illustrator CS or CS2.  This does not affect the Adobe Reader and Acrobat 9.3 updaters, nor does it affect InDesign and Illustrator CS3 or CS4.

InDesign or Illustrator CS/CS2 may fail to launch either during the “reading fonts” stage, or may give an error that the serial number needs to be reentered (which won’t work), if either any of these updaters are installed: Adobe Reader 8.2, Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.2, Adobe Acrobat Standard 8.2.

Adobe has detailed this problem, and has posted a complex fix involving downloading replacement Unicode mappings, to this TechNote:

Due to the highly unlikely odds that this security vulnerability will actually affect any Mac users, I personally would avoid applying any of the Adobe Reader/Acrobat 8.2 updaters IF you are using CS or CS2.