I just installed the image on a new (mid 2010) Mac Mini. The new Mac Mini ships with 10.6.3. My image is 10.6.4 (from the combo) so it should be fine, right? No.

The Mac Mini boots just fine, but I have no Ethernet. It’s dead. I thought it might be the cable, so I tried different cables and different wall ports. Still no Ethernet at all. It says that the cable is unplugged. I thought the Mac Mini was broken, but on checking the web, it’s a common problem with people trying to boot the new Mac Mini from anything other than the system that came with it. I guess the Mac Mini has custom kext files (drivers) for the Ethernet and for the SD card slot. If you don’t have those drivers then you can’t use the built in Ethernet or card slot, and those drivers are not included anywhere else other than on the Mac Mini disks. The 10.6.4 combo update does not contain them, which to me is the most messed up of all.

I downgraded it back to the 10.6.3 that came with the Mac Mini. Ethernet is back. Fun.