Apple has announced that the next version of Mac OS X (10.7) will be marketed under the name Lion, and will released in Summer of 2011.

During Apple’s October 20th Back to the Mac event, Steve Jobs unveiled some of Lion’s new features, which so far appear to be centered around integrating iOS features into Mac OS X.  Some highlights:

  • Full screen apps: Just like iPhone/iPad apps, supported apps can fill the entire screen by pressing the green stoplight button
  • Auto resuming apps: Just like iPhone/iPad apps, supported apps will resume to their last used state when launched
  • Mac App Store: A stand alone application, similar to the Apps section in the ITunes Store, where you can purchase OS X apps with 1 click install, including the ability to update all the apps installed using the Mac App Store
  • Launchpad: Similar to home screens on the iPhone/iPad, linked to items in the Dock
  • Mission Control: Combines Spaces, Dashboard, Exposé, and Full Screen into one interface