Apple has announced that they are discontinuing the Xserve at the end of January 2011, and they have no plans to develop a future version. If you are considering an Xserve purchase, now is the time to do it.

Apple will continue selling Xserve hard drive modules until the end of 2011, and will provide support for all Xserve under warranty or AppleCare. The will also continue to sell service parts for out-of-warranty repairs.

After making this announcement, Apple introduced a new Mac Pro Server option, which includes Snow Leopard Server, 8GB RAM, and two 1TB drives. Configure to order options include up to four 2TB drives, up to 32GB RAM, a Mac Pro RAID card, two fibre channel cards, and dual six core Westmere Xeon processors.

In Apple’s new Xserve Transition Guide, the state customers looking to upgrade, replace, or supplement existing Xserve systems with new Apple hardware have two options:

  • Transition to Mac Pro with Snow Leopard Server
  • Transition to Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server