There are several growing threads on the Apple Discussion Boards detailing frequent kernel panics with 2010 MacBook Pros using i5 or i7 processors. These kernel panics commonly cause a hang at black screen, are reported to occur frequently with Lion (undetermined but possible with Snow Leopard), and typically happen when doing things like waking from sleep or activating specific functions in applications.

When these kernel panics arise, the panic log always mentions a NVRM read error. These kernel panics have also been reported with a handful of other Macs that use NVIDIA graphic chipsets with dual-GPU settings, like late model iMacs.

If you are experiencing frequent kernel panics of this nature, first run Software Update and verify you have the latest firmware and video drivers installed. Beyond that, there’s not much you can do until Apple released a fix. Many people have reported these kernel panics continue after having their MacBook Pro’s serviced by Apple (replacing the logic board), and it been confirmed this can occur with a clean install of Lion, ruling out software conflicts. Some have reported the kernel panics happen less frequently after installing the gfxCardStatus and setting the video mode to Intel Only.