As the senior Mac support technician at All Covered, I strongly suggest that you do not upgrade your Macs currently running Snow Leopard to Lion at this time.

Unless there is a specific reason, All Covered recommends against being a very early adopter of any new operating system. As with previous Apple OS upgrades, Lion is experiencing major growing pains. Lion is not compatible with many older mainstream Mac applications, and Lion compatibility updates for newer Mac application are now being released daily. Fireware updates for some external devices are also being released, making them Lion compatible.

If you are a All Covered client and purchase a new Mac with Lion pre-installed, we can assist you with the transition, however this may require purchasing up-to-date software or new peripherals.

For those readers who are itching to start playing around with Lion, I would encourage you to wait until Apple releases the forthcoming Mac OS X 10.7.1 update… And even then I wouldn’t recommend you upgrade any critical or production Mac workstation to Lion. Keep in mind that ALL of your applications should have all available updates applied, some older applications won’t run at all (including Quicken, Adobe CS2 and older, Office 2004 and older), and many applications require the absolute latest release version for Lion compatibility (Parallels 6.x, FileMaker 11.x, Suitcase Fusion 3.x).