Apple has released an update to OS X Server 2 (for Mountain Lion 10.8.x), brining it to version 2.1.1. The update includes adding the ability to manage the DHCP service from within the Server app, iOS 6 device management support in Profile Manager, the ability to create large number of users/groups in the Server app, plus several other feature enhancements.

Overall customer feedback has been negative, mostly because so many people were hoping this update would bring back more of the Server interface that has been dumbed down or removed since Lion’s version of OS X Server. Reviews in the Mac App Store include “The promise is there, but the implementation is a mess” and “Apple needs to set up their game”. I wholeheartedly agree. In my opinion, the last real version of OS X Server was 10.6.8. Apple’s currently offering is only suited for offices of 5 Mac users or less, with no Windows computers in the mix, and no web development being done on the server.