Apple has released new OS X versions of the iLife suite of apps (iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand), the iWorks suite of apps (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), and Aperture. All require Mavericks, and include many new features including 64-bit optimizations.

If you have iLife ’11 or iWorks ’09 apps installed, you are eligible for a free update to the latest version after updating to Mavericks.

People that previously purchased iLife ’11 or iWorks ’09 apps through the Mac App Store will be able to update for free to the latest version by logging into the Mac App Store with the Apple ID linked to the purchase.

People that have iLife ’11 or iWorks ’09 apps installed that came bundled with their Mac, or who purchased the boxed apps, may find it more challenging to get the free updates. Apple states that if Mavericks’ Mac App Store finds legacy copies of the apps, it will “provision them as a Mac App Store purchase associated with your Apple ID, and will appear in your Mac App Store history as though you have purchased the Mac App Store version of the app”. Many users have reported this is not the case. Updating the previously installed iLife ’11 or iWorks ’09 apps to the latest version sometimes caused them to show up properly in the Mac App Store as purchased. If this doesn’t work, others have reported that resetting the warnings in the Mac App Store sometimes resolves this (Store->View My Account->Reset all warnings for buying and downloading), and some have had luck with checking for unfinished downloads (Store->Check for Unfinished Downloads).