Apple released OS X 10.10 Yosemite on 10/16/14, and as of this post, the current release is OS X 10.10.1. Like other recent OS X releases, Yosemite is a free download in the Mac App Store to anyone running OS X 10.6-10.9 with an Apple ID.

I highly recommend AGAINST upgrading Macs used in a production environment to Yosemite at this time. I’m sure my opinion will change as Apple releases patches in the future, but historically I don’t consider an OS stable until Apple has released the .4 or .5 update (i.e. wait until 10.10.4 at a minimum). Unless you have a SSD or hybrid drive, you’ll likely experience slower performance, plus there are a lot of bugs still being worked out (see more regarding Yosemite WiFi problems that I’ve previously posted). Also your Mac may become very unstable if you don’t have Yosemite compatible versions of all the applications you use, and this could result in several hundred dollars in upgrade costs.

Yosemite has not received an overwhelmingly warm welcome by the Mac community, partially because Apple made major changes to the graphical interface that many (including myself) find flat out ugly and non-Maclike. As of this post, Yosemite’s rating in the Mac App Store currently has almost twice the 1 star reviews as it has 2-5 star reviews combined. Some of the more unenthusiastic reviews include:

  • Wish I could downgrade to 10.9
  • Can I have my older OS back please?
  • I thought you said this was an upgrade
  • I’ve only poked at Yosemite for an hour, but retired hurt with aching eyes and a headache
  • Is it necessary to cripple OS X in order to make iOS seem more productive?
  • Yosemite is an awful mess. The “iOSification” of OS X is a dreadful mistake on the order of Microsoft’s Windows 8.