Oracle has unfortunately begun bundling adware with their full install Java 8 Update 40 for Mac. During the install process on a Mac that has never had Java installed before, there are checkboxes for “Add the Search App By Ask” and “Set as my browser homepage”. Both (of course) are pre-checked. If you don’t uncheck these options, the Java Update 40 installer will install the Safari/Chrome Search App by Ask extension, in addition to changing the homepage to

Since no one actually wants installed, Safari users can deactivate Ask in the Extensions section of the Safari Preferences, and Chrome users can uninstall it by clicking the Ask toolbar’s help menu.

But wait, there’s more… after Java 8 Update 40 is installed, whether installed for the first time or updated through the Java System Preference pane, you’ll find a new option for “Suppress sponsor offers when installing or updating Java” under the Advanced tab of the Java System Preference pane. It’s (of course) unchecked, but if you check it then you probably won’t get installed when the next update comes out.