Microsoft has released two updates to Office 2016 for Mac since it was made available to Mac Office 365 subscribers last July. These updates can be downloaded via the Microsoft AutoUpdate app or manually from Microsoft’s website.

Compared to previous Mac Office 2011 updates, there are two big changes in the way Microsoft is releasing updates Office 2016:

#1. Instead of a single update for the entire Office suite, they are releasing updates for each individual app.

#2. The updates so far have been huge, and it would appear that Microsoft is replacing the entire app instead of incrementally updating them. For example, the most recent round of Office 2016 updates (15.13.1) total over 3GB in size! Not only does this take more bandwidth/time to download them, it makes automating the deployment of these updates far more challenging. Hopefully Microsoft will stop doing this in the near future, and begin releasing delta/incremental updates instead.