Thursby has announced end-of-life for DAVE and ADmitMac.  Both solutions have been discontinued to allow the developer to “focus on secure two-factor mobility solutions for government and commercial users”.

Update – 10/10/17
Thursby included this statement in their end-of-life announcement: “With the recent announcement of the High Sierra operating system, Thursby believes that Apple has finally culminated a total Microsoft file systems to the quality that eliminates the need for either DAVE or ADmitMac.”

To me this statement seems like a complete cop-out, because all indications are that High Sierra is going to have just as many issues with SMB and Active Directory as previous Mac OS releases.  I don’t see any major changes to High Sierra’s Active Directory binding mechanism, and the SMB driver only received a minor update (v3.2 versus Sierra’s v3.1).  We shall see.